A Loving Place to Learn and Grow

What's New

We have welcomed many new families and are enrolling the children of previous preschoolers!

Many sunny days have given the children the opportunity for fun in our large backyard, with new equipment purchased with the proceeds from our fall rummage sale and cookie dough sale.

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Our Award!

High 5 for Quality Achievement Award Winner. 

As a part of the state First 5 Program, First 5 El Dorado has developed a system for evaluating quality in early childhood education settings in our community.

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What is a co-op preschool?

A co-op preschool is one in which the family supports the program by assisting with some of the many responsibilities of the school. In addition, the parents or guardians act as teaching assistants under the guidance of our director and our staff teacher. In our program a family member works in the classroom 3 days per month, during the 9-12 class time.

Many of the activities pertaining to the functioning of the school are in our hands, from helping the teacher implement the planned curriculum to maintaining the safety of the environment. None of this can be done without the cooperation of every member. Each family, therefore, volunteers for certain duties in addition to his or her work in the classroom. Parents are also called upon to help with special projects and support the fundraising efforts to maintain the highest quality for our non-profit program.

By working in the classroom, families have the opportunity to share in an important part of their children's lives. As a participating family member, you can help shape the program your child experiences. New ideas and support are encouraged, as we all work to continue to provide the most enriching early education for our children.

Our preschool is designed to give your child a well-rounded education for these formative years. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Social Development
  • Reading readiness
  • Math Readiness
  • Art Activities
  • Drama: plays, puppets
  • Outside Activities
  • Music
  • Science
  • Show and tell
  • Learning Centers
  • Large and small muscle development
  • Nutritional Snacks
  • Cooking projects

To Fulfill Their Cooperating Responsibilities one Family Member is required to:

  • Attend our general meetings. Our Board of Directors schedules one in Sept and may call for others.
  • Work in the classroom under the direction of the teacher - 3 times a month for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday class.
  • Participate on one committee to keep the school running smoothly.
  • Bring a healthy morning snack for the class once a month.
  • Provide one $25.00 (or more) gift toward our fundraising prize drawings. The prizes are tax deductible.