A Loving Place to Learn and Grow

What's New

We have welcomed many new families and are enrolling the children of previous preschoolers!

Many sunny days have given the children the opportunity for fun in our large backyard, with new equipment purchased with the proceeds from our annual pizza night raffle and cookie dough sale.

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Our Award!

High 5 for Quality Achievement Award Winner. 

As a part of the state First 5 Program, First 5 El Dorado has developed a system for evaluating quality in early childhood education settings in our community.

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Our History

Why is our Center Different From Many Others?

Placerville Preschoolers was formed in 1959 by a group of parents in search of positive play experiences for their children. We have been growing ever since! We are now serving another generation of families with the same emphasis on quality care.

Our long-term staff members take pride in providing a program that delights children each day with activities designed to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning. As a non-profit program we are able to channel all funds received through tuition directly to programs benefiting the families we serve.

We are proud to be among the first programs in our county to be awarded First 5 El Dorado’s High 5 for Quality Achievement Award. First 5 El Dorado is the local affiliate of California’s First 5 programs. High 5 for Quality program staff has evaluated our center for high quality curriculum and environments, staff qualifications and positive interaction with students and collaboration between families and staff in providing exceptional care and education for young children.

Providing quality care in a warm, friendly environment is a high priority for our staff. We view our program as an extension of home, with communication between families and staff an important part our ability to nurture our students.

Families are welcome to stop by for a visit without appointments.

We remain in good standing with the Community Care Licensing Division of the State of California. Our facility number is 093-60-3209. Information is available to the public regarding licensed child care centers and family child care programs. We encourage families to review that information when looking for quality child care programs.