A Loving Place to Learn and Grow

What's New

We have welcomed many new families and are enrolling the children of previous preschoolers!

Many sunny days have given the children the opportunity for fun in our large backyard, with new equipment purchased with the proceeds from our annual pizza night raffle and cookie dough sale.

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Our Award!

High 5 for Quality Achievement Award Winner. 

As a part of the state First 5 Program, First 5 El Dorado has developed a system for evaluating quality in early childhood education settings in our community.

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How to support our school

Community Support is What Makes Us Great!

As a non-profit program we appreciate the support of our community to help us continue another 50 years of service to the children of El Dorado County!

We gladly accept donations of office and art supplies and enjoy creating innovative process oriented projects with our students! It is the creativity of making something unique from various materials that excites our staff and helps our children love the result of their efforts! We love to recycle, reuse and repurpose!

We provide healthy snacks for our students and enjoyed a variety of donations of canned and fresh fruits and vegetables. We have our own bountiful harvest from our backyard garden, planted and tended to by our children!

We regularly recycle ink and toner and trade old cartridges of any type for new office and art supplies. All ink and toner donations are accepted at our school.

We promise to use donations in any form to better serve the families who have trusted us with their children and recognize that no contribution is too small!

All donations to our school are tax deductible!

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