A Loving Place to Learn and Grow

What's New

We have welcomed many new families and are enrolling the children of previous preschoolers!

Many sunny days have given the children the opportunity for fun in our large backyard, with new equipment purchased with the proceeds from our annual pizza night raffle and cookie dough sale.

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Our Award!

High 5 for Quality Achievement Award Winner. 

As a part of the state First 5 Program, First 5 El Dorado has developed a system for evaluating quality in early childhood education settings in our community.

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Placerville Preschoolers

Family Participation

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Teacher-staffed Preschool

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Summer Programs

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Our School

Staff Longevity Makes the Difference

At Placerville Preschoolers we cherish our teachers - and they in turn cherish the students and families enrolled here. That's why our school staff averages about 10 years of continuous employment with our program!

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